In the first five years of life, your child's brain develops faster than any other time in their life. In fact, more than one million new neural connections are formed every second. By age five, 90% of their brain has developed. The experiences your child has during this period will have a lasting impact. That's what makes high quality early care and education so important. Research shows that children who have access to high quality early care and education do better in school, make healthier choices, and are more likely to graduate and find employment.

Choosing an Early Childhood Program

Choosing an early childhood program is an important decision. Bright & Early ND can help. We help families, just like you, by identifying high quality early childhood programs that offer what your child needs to succeed. You deserve to know your child is in a quality care environment that promotes play and learning, supports development, and fosters relationships amongst children.

Bright & Early ND does the legwork for you by rating programs, across the state, based on specific standards that define quality. Our quality standards focus on what your child needs to learn, grow and develop during this stage of life. It's an objective system that values safe, healthy and enriching environments, meaningful learning experiences, and caregivers that are educated and well-trained.

Bright & Early ND Framework

Bright & Early ND uses a block system approach which includes four levels, or steps, to quality. Each step focuses on a compenent of quality care and must be demonstrated by the program before moving to the next step. The outcome is a program that maximizes a child's readiness for school, work, and life.

Bright & Early ND Quality Ratings are reliable and easy to understand. Look for the Bright & Early ND Quality Rating symbols to spot programs that are going above and beyond for the children in their care.

Want to know more? Check out the Bright & Early ND Steps to Quality page for all of the details!